Inactivate in a Nutshell

The challenge

In pharmaceutical industry exists a broad variety of processes to adress inline contamination and pathogen inactivation.

But how to identify/choose the best solution for your individual process?

KyooBe Tech’s Solution

  • A platform to easily address various forms of organisms in liquid solutions
  • Inactivation by low-energy electron irradiation (LEEI)
  • Clean and straight-forward application
  • No toxic waste products
  • Flexible fridge-sized platform design
  • GMP and Biocontainment compliant

Various Process Scenarios

  • The LEEI platform is easily to integrate into several bioporcessing segments
  • Can be uzilized within USP and DSP process line

Graphic shows a schematic view on process steps in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. RM = raw material; VC = Viral clearance; MP = material preparation; USP = Upsteam Processing; CU = cultivation; IN = inactivation; PU = purification; CO = concentration; FO = formulation; FF = Fill&Finish

How to apply?

  • Electron irradiation depends on the intensity of the electron beam source and the layers to penetrate
  • KyooBe Tech can control the irradiation process with thin liquid films and adapt it to new applications
  • As a substrate for irradiation the graphic shows a thin liquid film of approximately 150 µm. Several process layouts show the influence of stackings on the achieved dose in the substrate.

View on material layer profile (1)
View on material layer profile (2)
View on material layer profile (3)

KyooBe Tech’s
Road to Market

KyooBe Tech values a risk-based and user-centered approach.
We are happy to discuss your individual process and potential applications with you!

Example showing how to address a development project at KyooBe Tech

Irradiation chamber
Ebeam accelerator
Equipment box
Stainless-steel roll
Fluid film
Educt container
Product container