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The Challenge

Pathogen inactivation is
expensive, complex and time consuming.

Pathogen contamination in the biopharma process industry and the targeted inactivation of infectious microbes
may be two completely different problems – but they share a common characteristic.
It is about the neutralization of dangerous targets in liquid solutions.
Today we lack highly flexible solutions to serve both use cases.

The Vision

INACTIVATE will enable you to increase the speed, lower the costs and simplify pathogen inactivation processes in R&D labs and industry, thanks to its electron beam technology.

The Unique Approach

Fast inactivation
time << 1 s


No toxic


Industrial & small scale pathogen inactivation technology.

  • With patented ionizing radiation technology
  • Fast inactivation time in < 1 second
  • Robust & easily replicable production results
  • Large versatility for labs & industry

Various Application & Modular Scenarios

INACTIVATE – designed for your needs

INACTIVATE can be used in various environments.

The Next Step

Join us in reshaping
the pharmaceutical future

INACTIVATE – created for the future

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